The picture above says it all! Priya Varrier probably has the same framed alongside her infamous wink photo to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up. If Luck, Fame and Destiny met together, they probably would be at Priya’s house right now.

The internet can’t seem to get over the beauty’s blink and you miss it WINK. Even the so-called Internet Trolls seem to be enjoying their share of the limelight by showcasing their creativity at its best.”

The hype is at its peak where if one googles the word ‘Wink’ the 4th articles that pops up is about the scene, movie and clip thereof. Google Wink + Girl and voila your girl is all over the screen.

Is this just a phase where sensibility takes a back seat as to why, what, how something insignificant can be taken up to such great extent reaching out to the maximum number of people all over the world. Probably the superstars of South Indian movies must be eyeing the director Omar Lulu as to how he was able to capture this miracle on video with such sheer perfection.

Back in the days it was always the boys who would pass that subtle wink to indicate their interest in the lovely damsel passing by. Which if not reciprocated would be met with replies involving names of certain animals, hashtags and other symbols. In the present scenario the confidence exuberated by Miss Priya is probably what took the world by storm that even a Female can express her likes through means once considered inappropriate and wayward.

All said and done we can all take a deep breathe and try to imitate that simple yet effective wink in our bathroom mirrors and go about our chores till the internet comes up with a new fascination.

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