For the ones who haven’t heard of Alibaba, it is a web portal providing e-commerce facility to consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business. This rising Chinese company is world’s one gem among the world’s top valuable companies.

Making its presence overseas

Furthermore, apart from being biggest company, it has proven to be most innovative too. To increase it’s sales three folds, the company has replaced the current employees with robots.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, the warehouse of Alibaba located in Huiyang, China has 60 robots under their management. We have seen technology play a brighter part in warehouses. But what makes these robots stand out is their astonishing features.

The robots facilitate easy movement of goods. Some of the cool features that boast to its advantages are an inbuilt wifi through which they are accessed. As well as a laser technology that collision and smoothly. Till it delivers the good to human workers.

The installation of new technology has resulted in reducing 70% of its human staff.  The 360-degree rotating robos elegantly carry 500 kg of goods. Automatically they power up so the lazy ones can rest while the work is done.

Charge five minutes and it shows its energy up to five hours. The world’s largest retailer has a scaled up their output. And trust it, stats never lie. Since the installation in July, the results are blooming. Perhaps the right use of tech.

Alibaba aims to b a big market player like Amazon in near future. Jack Ma is the founder of the innovative company. They don’t buy and sell, rather target at helping small business to buy and sell. Which differentiates them from others.

With visionaries like these, online platforms are blooming to a new era of creating business opportunities. The robots are further making an in-house evolution to maximize output.

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