Within just two years, Reliance Jio has joined the nation’s largest telecom companies. Jio’s entry has not only changed the look of the telecom sector in the country, but it has made India a country using the largest mobile broadband data. Within 3 months Jio reached a milestone of 100 Million subscribers. But have you ever thought that the company which has left its mark in the entire country within just two years, how it started and who gave Mukesh Ambani its idea. This question has been answered by Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani himself.

Reliance Industries got the ‘Drivers of Change’ award. Speaking on this occasion, Mukesh Ambani said that the idea of ​​introducing Jio was given by Isha, her daughter in 2011.
He said, “Isha was studying at the Yale University of America at that time. From where she had come home in the holidays. She was doing some work of college, in the meantime she said that the internet of our house is very bad. This is how Jio started to start.

Mukesh Ambani said that “Isha and her brother are young generation of India. Today’s generation does not want to wait too long to prepare the best and to become the best. Ambani said that these youths only explained to me and prepared for it that Broadband Internet is the technology, so that India can not be kept away.
Jio started in 2016, but since then it has joined the country’s largest telecom companies. Not only this, it forced other telecom companies to land in the price war.

Jio became a sensation in the country by offering free data and free calling in the initial months. Jio’s this move forced other companies to give cheaper internet and free calls. After Jio a whole lot of people have come online than ever before and the graph is still rising.

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