WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging platform which is used by everyone in these days. WhatsApp is being used to text instant messages, to make voice and video calls, and also to share the gifs and pictures.

The much-awaited feature of WhatsApp DELETE FOR EVERYONE is gonna be available for Android, iOS and Windows users within few hours. If this feature is gonna be available everyone can delete the sent messages in their groups, individual chats, broadcast list. And not only the text messages you are also able to delete the status replies, photos, gifs, voice messages, and much more.

The important thing is that the sending user and receiving user must need to use the latest WhatsApp version to get all the above features. This feature is available for all the WhatsApp Beta Users version 2.17.397 with the latest emoji’s also.

Going In Detail :

  • This DELETE FOR EVERYONE feature cannot be used for the quoted messages.
  • The user must delete the sent message within the span of 5-7 minutes.
  • Both persons should use the latest WhatsApp version in order to gain all the above features.
  • And the user can also use this feature in both the mobile and the web whatsapp.com

As this feature is already available in other leading messaging apps like Telegram, Viber and other.

This Is How The DELETE FOR EVERYONE Feature Works :

First thing is that you need to update to the latest WhatsApp version 2.17.397 and after launching the application when you send a message/ pictures/ gifs/ voice messages beside that message you will see a Trash icon. After sending the message when you press the trash icon you can delete the message only in your phone or both the sender and the receiver based on the user opinion.

And the messages cannot be deleted ones it has been sent in the broadcast list of the WhatsApp user. Ones you use this option the message will be deleted from the notification bar also.

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