Whatsapp Co-founder Brian Acton, has tweeted something that is trending. He said in his tweet that the time has come to delete Facebook now. Obviously WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook and now Whatsapp is a part of Facebook since a long time. In such a way, if the co-founder of Whatapp tells you to delete Facebook, then people will question Facebook.

The question is, why did the founder say to delete the account? In the tweet he has only written a line in which it is about deleting Facebook. Apart from this, he has not written anything about this, nor the reason been explained why the deletion of Facebook.

The answer to this question is Facebook data leak. For this reason, Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has lost $ 6.06 billion in just one day. This data leak is linked to the Cambridge Analytica firm, which allegedly influenced the US President Elections 2016 by falsely interfering with data from millions of Facebook users. Facebook has hired a digital forensic agency to investigate this matter.

Since the data leak report, Facebook shares fell 10 percent, and this has also caused considerable loss to Facebook shareholders including Zuckerberg.

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, social media giant Facebook bought WhatsApp’s for $ 19 million. Two people who created whatsapps are Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Jan Koum has been with WhatsApp even after the acquisition, that means he now works for Facebook, while Brian Acton has started a foundation in the beginning of this year and for this, he has left Facebook.

The reason behind this may be that Brian invested $ 50 million in an Instant Messaging app called ‘Signal’.

One fact is that in 2009, when Brian Acton applied for a job in Facebook, he was rejected. After that he tweeted. It reads, “Facebook has rejected me. It was a good opportunity to connect with the best people. I’m ready for adventure ahead of life.”

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