Before buying a smartphone, along with other specifications, nowadays all people pay attention to Gorilla Glass Protection to protect the display. This feature has become quite common now. Gorilla Glass keeps the phone’s screen safe. But do you know some interesting facts related to this? Do you know there are many types of Gorilla Glass? In this post we will be discussing on the topic, types of Gorilla Glass. So next time you can see which is the durable glass

Tech Experts say that Corning Gorilla Glass is the best for smartphones. Many versions of Gorilla Glass are currently available in the market. These are usually known through numbers. Each number has different capacities of glass. According to the numbers, they have different quality.

First, What is Gorilla Glass?

The smartphone screen is not so hard that it can be saved if it falls on ground or somewhere else. On the contrary, a screen made of gorilla glass is claimed that the screen of the phone is safe even if it is collapsing or colliding. This is because the Gorilla Glass is made rigidly. It is called Corning Gorilla Glass, because it is made by a company named Corning.

How Strong Is The Gorilla Glass?

Hardness is the scale to measure. This scale is called mohs scale of hardness.

The stronger this scale will be, the more number it is. For example – diamond is the hardest metal. That’s why it got 10 numbers. According to this scale, Gorilla Glass can tolerate scratches upto 6.5 scale. This means if a phone with a Gorilla Glass Screen hits a substance and its hardness is 6 or 6.5 then it will not affect the screen.

There are 5 number of glasses in the market so far. The new version of it gets better.

Corning Gorilla Glass-1: Its first version came in 2008. Currently its number 5th version is latest.

Corning Gorilla Glasses-2: This version, launched in 2012, was about 20 percent slim than before. The typical feature of having a thin glass is that the touch will work properly.

Corning Gorilla Glasses-3: A new technique called Native Damage Resistant was used in this glass. The company claimed that this glass was 3 times thinner and stronger than the number 2.

Corning Gorilla Glass-4: A new feature in this – Scratch Resistant was edited. It was said to be 4x stronger than version 3. It was made slim than the number 3.

Corning Gorilla Glass-5: This is the most recent Gorilla Glass in the market. The company claims that this is four times Damage Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Stronger and Thinner than the last one.

Now you must have understood all about the Gorilla Glass. With this you can see what glass is present in your phone screen before buying a smartphone.

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