If you are a daily reader of newspaper then you might be aware of those four colored dots on the corner of the newspaper. Most of us don’t know what exactly that means. Well, here is the answer to that Question.

When you go back to ages you can see that newspapers are printed in black and white, with the time presentation have been evolved and now you can see some attractive advertisements and some colored photos. These things keep you occupied and doesn’t allow your brain to wander you to the minor details of a newspaper. But the newspapers contains of four colored dots or in some other shapes in the bottom or some corners of the paper. Here is what they mean:

While printing an image in a newspaper or any text we sometimes have to use different colors. The colors and text and must arranged precisely manner in order to get the best output. But when those colors are not arranged properly we get a blurry and improper image. So to help out the colors line up exactly as required, there is a necessity of a system of Registration.

The four multi-coloured dots which we were talking about are called CMYK¸where C stands for cyan which regularly meant for Blue, Magenta (Pink), Yellow and Black. This CMYK is used as a base for the colors in printing the newspapers. Heart / Dot/Square shaped dots can be used.

If these four colors were used in correct proportions, one can a print a accurate and perfect Image. When the proportions where not up to the mark you can find the colors overlapping on the image making it Blur and Fuzzy.

Now you have know the most important thing of a newspaper. So next time when you read a news paper first check this dots to know whether the print of an image is fine or not.

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