A week after India and China ended their worst military confrontation in decades, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has said that the possibility of a two-front war against China on the North and Pakistan to the West cannot be ruled out.

“As far as the Northern adversary is concerned, flexing of muscles has started. Salami slicing, taking over territory in a very gradual manner, testing our limits or threshold is something we have to be wary about. Remain prepared for situations that are emerging gradually into conflict,” he said about China.

He also touched upon the country’s relationship with another of its neighbours, Pakistan and said that any scope of reconciliation with Pakistan is not foreseeable. “That is the kind of propaganda that is prevailing on our west making them believe that India is their long term adversary and will continue to remain one, therefore they have launched this proxy war in us,” The Army Chief added.

He also added that nobody knows when that threshold will be broken and that a battle will be launched. “How long will they tease a country and continue to bear this proxy war? We may be launched into a battle which is something very difficult to predict and hence because of this proxy war, there is always a scope of conflict with our western neighbour.”

While yesterday’s discussions between PM Modi and President Xi have been described as being positive, India has decided to expand the scope of its military relationship with Japan which has a testy equation with China.

In a move likely to irk China, India and Japan today significantly stepped up defence ties during the visit of Arun Jaitley to Tokyo on his last trip as India’s Defence Minister before Nirmala Sitharaman replaces him tomorrow.

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