Toscha Sponsler, who is from Pollok, Texas, was arrested by the police under the suspicion of shoplifting. But this tricky female crime suspect not only got out of the hold of handcuffs but also crossed the divider between the front seats and back seats of a police car and drove away with the car.

A video footage which was taken from a camera installed in the police car shows that Toscha has been sitting calmly in the back seat of the car. It is seen further that she is trying to escape her handcuffs while also making sure to keep an eye on the officers who are standing outside the car. In no time, she gets rid of handcuffs, gets into the driver seat and rode way with the police car.

A CCTV footage shows that the shocked policemen ran after her but no success and she kept the police chasing her for next 23 minutes. During this high-speed chase, she drove up to the speed of 100 mph to escape the arrest.

The female suspect was again arrested by the police after 23 minutes and now she has been booked under multiple charges which also include unauthorized use of a motor. On Tuesday night, she was sent to Angelina County Jail on a bond of $18,000.

Watch the video here:

However, many eye-witnesses feel that police didn’t handcuff her properly which is why she was able to escape. David Parry stated, “When I use to handcuff prisoners they always complained the cuffs were too tight. Then I knew for sure they couldn’t slip their hands out.” “This is a reminder why you should always lock your cage, put the cuffs on tight and take your keys if you’re going to place a suspect in a car. This is textbook basics,”.

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