We sadly live in an era where onlookers ignore the public assaults taking place. Perhaps it is disturbing to know that cases pile up reminding us the ugly truth of situation of women in our country.

Yet another day, another incident.

The shameful act took place in Indore, where a woman was manhandled. The woman was allegedly complaining the gym instructor about the inappropriate behavior of the accused. This anguished the accuser leading to the unfortunate incident.

As a result, the accused ruthlessly punched her. Her face lands on a metallic machine and bumps badly. This wasn’t the end of his misbehavior after she pins down, he kicks her knees. Her only mistake was that she resisted against him.

The CCTV footage captured clearly displays the reported incident


The man who assaulted the woman is Puneet Malviya. The accused is from Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh.

The accused person fled after the assaulting incident in the gym. Shashikant Kankane, DSP is in the investigation of the case.


Puneet Malviya was avid in manhandling the woman yet escaped when it came to facing consequences. The whole assault case puts us into a catastrophe because it was taken place gym.The gym was also filled with people and had a camera surveillance. The twitter community tweeted its reaction towards the incident.





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