How dumb does someone need to be to start forcing their pet to learn writing skills? A video has gone viral where a man can be seen forcing his dog to write ‘ABCD’ and continuously slapping it at its inability to do so. A video of a man continuously beating a dog has gone viral. If that doesn’t shock you in itself, the reason why he does so will take the disbelief a notch higher. The video, which started doing the rounds of the Internet recently, shows the man senselessly insisting on teaching the dog the alphabet, while it obviously refuses to pay attention.

The man in the video is clutching the dog’s paws and dictating letters to it. Whenever the dog looks away, the man punishes it by slapping it until the dog manages to free itself from the man’s grip. What’s even more disconcerting is that the 29-second video was being circulated on Twitter and other social media platforms as a fodder for memes and under the banner of ‘funny videos’.

Apparently, the video was being shared intensively on WhatsApp and made it to Facebook and YouTube. Although many copies of the clip were taken down after it generated a huge backlash, couple of them are still up on YouTube. Warning: Graphic violence involved.

Watch the video here:

The way the man is beating the mute animal is really horrifying and disturbing! Who is the animal here?

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