Samsung and Apple have been battling each other since a long time. Producing and releasing edge to edge technologies and increasing the competition each day. Perhaps the two brands are desperate to conquer customers of the other. Being in the war of conquering, Samsung has brought up it’s new Ad campaign that openly mocks Apple.

 Highlighting the struggle of an Apple loyalist

Much anticipated iPhone X was launched recently, people were lined up to grab their new devices. Samsung took this opportunity to mock iPhone or rather Apple lovers.

iPhone X has created a widespread desire for it’s elegant design sculpting people to buy it.  With this Ad, Samsung wants to cut down the popular beliefs.

The Ad commendably points the weaker spots of iPhone. Occurring from 2007 and the era of iPhone lovers continues till today.

The headphone jack and wireless charging burnt iPhone users in envy last year. The only thing they could do is, roll the eyes.

We can’t fathom how many times an iPhone user had to go through the issue of not having enough storage. Either the cloud or the phone itself which lacks expandable memory.

Samsung also took a pride way to display releasing water resistant phones before apple. The knack of keeping rice to saved your phones innumerable times. Well, iPhone users don’t complain they have plenty of loyalty towards the brand.

Abruptly the timeline of the man in the Ad shows his drastic change finally to Samsung. Whether you love it or not, Apple and Samsung are two major brands.

Watch the Ad here :

It Isn’t the first time Samsung has attempted to criticise Apple. iPhone’s non-transferable features had been previously mocked in another advertisement.

Watch is the other Ad here :

With brands targetting each other, the question left is, what would you choose? Do you prefer Apple over Samsung or vice versa?

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