In a Victorian Premier League match between Footscray Edgewater and Fitzroy Doncaster Cricket Club,  a single delivery hurts 3 different players. Yes, the ball is hit so hard that it injures 3 players at the same time.


Some funny incidents in cricket give us too much laughter. Be it crazy stumping or be it a weird style of batting, some or the other video always gets circulated on the internet. One more bizarre incident is here to make you laugh. The batsman wanted to get the maximum out of that delivery and hence hit it down the wicket. The moment he hit the ball, it traveled at the speed of a bullet.

The ball hit the non-striker batsman and moreover, even the batsman who hit the shot got some shoulder injury. Apart from these 2 players, the ball hit the Umpire’s feet and even the bowler’s face got injured. No doubt, cricket is a deadly game and anything can happen at any moment. These videos are a proof of how unpredictable this game is.

Watch the video here:


No one was hurt majorly though.

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