Mukesh Ambani, who resides in world’s most expensive private property, the Antilia has a grand private garage. The Ambani family likes to move in style with some of the most expensive cars. The chief of Reliance Industries also gets the highest Z+ security detail to keep him safe. Here is a video of the convoy of the Ambani family showing how they roll.

The convoy was recently caught on tape at Marine Drive in Mumbai and it looks grand. The convoy lead is a BMW 5-series sedan though we are not sure if it is the part of the convoy. Then a BMW X5 can be seen following closely. This special BMW X5 have roof mounted flashers and police stickers on the side. Earlier, the X5s were seen with CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) stickers.

Following closely the leading first X5 is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard. The Mercedes-Benz S-Guard is a bulletproof vehicle that looks identical to the regular S-Class. Another BMW X5 with similar flashers on the roof is behind the S-Guard.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Guard that can be seen in the convoy costs around Rs. 5 crores and looks similar to the regular S-Class. This has been done to disguise the vehicle. It gets discreet reinforcements on the body and weighs much more than the regular S-Class. The vehicles get a very high-level of ballistic protection that is even safe against the military grade weapons. The S-Guard gets fire extinguishing mechanism and run-flat tyres that can do up to 80 km/h without no air in them. Ambani also owns a BMW 7-Series High Security armoured vehicle, which is the official vehicle of the Prime Minister of India too.

Watch the video here:

Just behind the second BMW X5 is a Mumbai police Scorpio and behind that, we can see the Bentley Bentayga. Following the Bentayga is a Porsche Cayenne. Trailing the whole convoy are two Ford Endeavours that also get roof-mounted flashers and Police sticker on the sides. In another video that has surfaced shows similar vehicles in a different arrangement.

Recently, he also added two modified versions of the Royal Enfield Bullet Electra in his security detail. It will be given to two police officers.

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