Mahendra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the best cricketers of all time. He has contributed for India as a captain, Wicket Keeper and also as a great finisher. If he retires from Cricket, then India will have to find players in place of one MS Dhoni.

He is a Great finisher, he is a great Batsman, He is a great Wicket Keeper, He is a great Captain, but how many of you love watching him bowling? How many times did you see MS Dhoni’s bowling? He has rarely bowled in international matches, But his bowling is very impressive.

Here We are sharing a video in which you can watch MS Dhoni bowling for the first time in test cricket. Indian Cricket Team was playing against the England team in England. It was Remarkable 2000 test match in the history. Dhoni bowled the 78th over of England’s innings.

Watch the video here:

England’s legendary Batsman Kevin Pietersen was on strike and Dhoni bowled a great swinging delivery which surprised Kevin Pietersen and he almost got KP out. India’s wall Rahul Dravid was keeping the wickets when Dhoni decided to bowl. In this Match, Dhoni took his first ever Test wicket and that was great Kevin Pietersen’s wicket.

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