A Bengaluru traffic constable has been suspended after he was caught on camera throwing a shoe at two bikers for not wearing a helmet. The constable in question was captured on camera in a video uploaded by a Bengaluru-based YouTuber which went viral.

The video, uploaded on YouTube last Wednesday, shows two traffic police officials waiting on the side of the road. When they spot two bikers passing by without wearing helmets, one of the cops is seen taking off his shoe and aiming at the errant riders. The men try to duck but the shoe hits one of them anyway. They drive away soon after.

There is no denying the fact that traffic rules should be followed by every citizen of the country as several people lose their lives every year just because they were careless and didn’t follow traffic rules. It is the duty of traffic police to make sure that the citizens are obeying the rules otherwise they should be punished. However, a traffic policeman from Bengaluru did something that can’t be justified despite the fact that he committed this act against those who themselves violated the law.

Watch the video here: (Jump to 6:50 to watch the constable)

The bikers were fortunate that the shoe threw by the cop didn’t cause them any damage; nevertheless, we can’t ignore the essential fact that it could have led to an unfavourable situation and the bikers could have lost their lives too.

This is what some users had to comment on the issue:

(1) “I do love BTP for the great work they do. But this is absolutely dangerous for both cop and rider.. Please share with BTP Fb.. Throwing things is no way to handle things.. They could have made a note of number plate and fined him instead”.

(2) “Why he just can not stop him and ask to pay fine instead of taking law in his own hands and risk bikers life also.”

(3) “He didn’t have rights to throw, he can note the number and send notice,”.

The shameful incident happened at BEL Road and as per DCP Traffic (West) Shivakumar, when they were informed about it, a comprehensive probe was conducted and the concerned constable was suspended.

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