Everyone says they want a better world but are we doing things that can make a better place to live? The world is becoming worst day by day and there’s no doubt about it! At least in India taking into account the ever-considering crimes against women. Now it’s very common to read about rapes and crimes in the Indian newspapers, it’s rare that we come across newspapers without a woman harassment case.

Recently in Amritsar, a 12-year-old girl was harassed by goons on their bikes when the girl was on her to school. The news came to light after the video went viral on social media. The video shows three bikers annoying a girl when she was going to school. Well, after the video surfaced online, cops have lodged a case. It was on 11th August that this shameful incident took place.


MK Sharma, Social Welfare Vice President, and Punjab Congress Education made a demand of installing cameras outside schools for making sure that these kinds of incidents are not repeated. As per him, police has lodged a case against the wrongdoers but no arrest has been made in this regard so far. Since the age of the victim is just 12, a case needs to be registered under Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses.

The pathetic and strange thing is that people who were present there merely served the purpose of mute spectators, as they didn’t intervene and preferred to avoid. Had the situation been the same if she was their daughter or sister?

Here’s a video in connection with the incident:


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