India has scored 487/10 runs with the incredible performance of India’s destructive batsman Hardik Pandya. He scored his first Test century today and remember it’s his only 3rd test innings. He became the fastest Indian ever to score a century batting at no. 8 position. He took just 86 balls to score a century today.

In the 116th over of India’s innings, Sri Lankan bowler got punished by Hardik Pandya. The Bowler was Pushpakumara of Sri Lanka and Hardik Pandya scored 26 runs in that over. Can you believe it? Pandya becomes the only Indian in history to score 26 runs in one over in test cricket.

He missed the world record by just 2 runs. 28 runs in one over is the highest run in one over in test history. Anyway, everyone was stunned by watching the incredible destruction of Hardik Pandya today.

Twitter Goes Mad, After Hardik Pandya’s quick century. The Twitter king Virender Sehwag comes up with a new name for Hardik Pandya. He never forgets to appreciate this kind of knocks and the most amazing thing is that, he will always comes up with a funny tweet.

Virender Sehwag Tweeted:

KungFu Pandya!

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