This year’s IPL season has begun and its craze among cricket fans is already at its peak. All the cricket fans, right from commoners to celebrities are supporting their teams and even cheering them up live in stadiums during the match. And their pictures from the stands are becoming a hot topic of discussion for social media users.

Something similar happened with Priya Prakash Varrier, one of the newest social media sensations who shot to fame overnight. Her wink for a song in a south Indian film had made her the national crush and she broke records of fan following on Instagram. On a number of occasions, Priya has said that Dhoni is her favourite cricketer and she loves watching his matches.

Priya has often said that her favourite cricketer is MS Dhoni and she loves to see his matches. We all know that IPL fever is on and people are going crazy for this biggest cricket extravaganza. Fans are super excited for their favourite players and as we know that India is a cricket crazy nation, not only common people but also celebrities can be seen cheering for their favourite teams in the stadium.

Recently, some pics of Priya also went viral and it was said that the photos are from IPL 2018 in which Priya was supporting Chennai Super Kings led by MS Dhoni and had a wardrobe malfunction when she was cheering for CSK.

See the pictures for yourselves: 

Actually, a few months ago, Priya uploaded a picture on her Instagram page in which she could be seen wearing a yellow dress. This picture has been photoshopped to make it look like Chennai Super Kings’ T-shirt. Similarly, the picture which shows that Priya had to face a wardrobe malfunction is not real but in fact, edited! Take a look at her actual picture in the Instagram post below:

The top is yellow in colour but it has been photoshopped in a way that it appears to be Chennai Super Kings’ T-shirt.

In the same way, the photo which suggests that she suffered a wardrobe malfunction is also not real but photoshopped.

What do you have to say about this dirty gimmick of photoshoppers?

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