On Thursday, the very famous Ranchi Rajdhani Express got derailed at Delhi’s Shivaji Bridge. Luckily, the mishap did not cause any injuries. However, recently, a twitter user claimed that he had warned the ministry of railway about the bad condition of tracks at Shivaji Bridge as many as five days before the accident.

On September 2, Rakesh Kumar Kaushik, a twitterati, posted a photograph on Twitter and tagged @RailMinIndia to draw its attention towards the dreadful condition of a railway track near the station. At around 10:47 am, Rakesh Kumar Kaushik posted the photo and after 25 minutes, got a response from @RailMinIndia. The Railway ministry further tagged Delhi Division of the Northern Railway and asked them to look into the matter. Here is the tweet posted by Rakesh Kumar Kaushik.

Later, the Delhi Division of the Northern Railway forwarded the complaint to @srden-cdli and asked them to take the appropriate action. However, there was no response to the tweet.


Other Mishaps

The derailment of the Rajdhani Express was not the only accident that took place that day. Just 200 metres away from the Delhi Railway station, two more train accidents took place on the same day. According to the people involved in the accident, a crack in the track could have prompted the mishap. However, the Railway ministry has not spoken anything on the allegations and is waiting for a proper investigation to occur.


Reactions of people

The people who spotted Rakesh Kumar Kaushik’s tweet have shown their outburst on twitter. They criticized the railway ministry for their negligence. Some of them have also called for action against the officials.






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