U.S. President Donald Trump’s fans in Dhaka now have an official hangout spot — a restaurant which has been named Trump Cafe in the US President’s honour.

Saiful Islam, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and a big fan of the US President, founded the cafe and decided to use the latter’s name for his coffee shop in Dhaka.


The ‘Trump Cafe’ offers Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine and other fast food items on its menu.

“I did not start the business with any specific thought in mind, just the fact that I am a big fan of US President Donald Trump,” Saiful Islam

Along with other regular favorites, the cafe also serves some food items inspired by Trump such as the special Trump Cocktail or the Green Apple Mocktail.

“My uncle, Kabir Ali, is the manager at a Trump-owned restaurant in the US. It was initially his idea to start a restaurant, and since I am a big fan as well, I wanted to get involved in the venture,” said Saiful.

Even though Trump remains unaware of the existence of the restaurant, Saiful is happy to be a part of the restaurant named after Trump, the report added.

“Many people think he is a joke, but he is an inspiration for me. If you look at his business ventures, you will see that he is quite successful and shrewd at doing business. That is what inspires me,” Saiful said.

One of the attractions of the cafe is a Trump cut out that people can take pictures with. It is reported that even the cafe’s wifi password is named after a Trump family member.

Remember ‘Trump Village’ in Rajasthan?


Not too long ago, a top Indian sociologist cum social worker has announced to name one Indian village after the US President Donald Trump, as part of his efforts to better the India-US relationship.

“I announce to name one village in India as Trump Village,” Sulabh International founder and chief, Bindeshwar Pathak, announced at a community event organized in the suburbs of Washington DC.

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