Life is full of stress and there are times when we find it difficult to carry out everyday chores. Well, worry not because here are some smart tricks to get you through with your work as fast and as easy as you can. These useful tricks can make your life easier and hopefully save you time

Here are some of the cool computer tricks that everyone should know:

A. Accidentally Closing a Tab:

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in the middle of working on the browser. Don’t worry just press Control + Shift + T and you are back to your closed tab!!

B. Want to amplify your Laptop’s speaker sound?

Just cut a plastic cup into two piece and place the two halves over your laptop’s speaker, with the large end facing you.

C. Laptop Cooling Rack:

Does your laptop get heated often, try this cheap and awesome trick.

D. Search YouTube without going to YouTube:
While using chrome browser just go to address bar and type YouTube and hit tab and search YouTube directly from your address bar

E. No Internet? Play game:
When your Internet connection goes out and the Google Chrome browser gives you an error page, press the space bar to start a T-Rex game. At least you won’t be bored while you wait to get online again.

F. Google can help you study:
Whenever you need to study something important during examination just Google “site:edu [subject] exam” and then you’ll get too many sample paper with solution and much more.

G. Need to jot down something quickly?
Open a temporary notepad in your browser by typing “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” into the address bar.

H. Control Panel:

In Windows, create a new folder and name it “Control Panel Shortcuts.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}”. Access any control settings in the folder.

I. Laptop charger keep falling out?
Use Velcro.

J. Lot of unwanted mails?
Time to clean your email inbox. Search “unsubscribe” and unsubscribe from useless newsletters

K. Find ‘nearby’ Wikipedia pages:

Ever want to know more about your neighbourhood? Wikipedia has a Nearby tool that surfaces a host of different pages about places and things nearby you.

L. Subtitles:
Rename Subtitle File Same As Movie Name And VLC Will Load Subtitle Automatically Every Time You Open Movie ( keep the .srt file in the same folder)

M. Grammarly: 
This is a chrome extension, that helps you reduce your grammatical mistakes in case you made them while typing up lengthy emails.

Surely these tricks will help you!

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