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So the One plus 5 just came out in June this year but it just didn’t feel like the phone of 2017. Now the One plus is a company which listens to its users and implements the same on their new flagships. So to be on the race they rolled out their new flagship phone, the One plus 5t. It might have disappointed their fans who have already bought the One plus 5, but for those who haven’t, maybe you will like considering this new one. So here are the top features of One plus 5T you should definitely check out

  1. The New Display

This is the biggest change you will notice out of the box. It literally make us feel that it’s a new phone. The side bezels are slimmer now and the top bezels have been cut down making the phone a 16:9 mobile phone. It has 1080p Amoled display which still does not meets with some of the high end smartphones but that’s not a big deal for a lot of users out there. One plus gives an explanation to this stating that it helps to keep up with the battery life and performance of the phone.

  2.The Cameras

The One plus 5 had dual camera, a main camera and a telephoto lens, no big deal in 2017. The company has now chosen to opt a different setup for camera’s, so this time it is the same 16 Megapixel main camera but instead of using telephoto lens, it is now another normal camera with 20 Megapixel mainly focusing on low light photography. One plus says that under low lighting conditions it will automatically switch onto the secondary camera so as to get a clear picture. So that’s good to see.

  3.Facial Recognition

A new way the One plus came up to login in their new phone is the facial recognition. Yes, pretty much the same like what the I phone X has. Now there are not a lot of specifications about it, but the only thing we know is that it is insanely fast. By fast here we mean almost 5 times faster than even the face Id on the I phone X. No swiping up or down, it just opens immediately. It is a beast, you will definitely love it. Where are you Apple?

  4.The fingerprint sensor

Overall if you see, it is same the look you are familiar with-the same Matt finish and almost the same design. What new here is the location of the fingerprint sensor. It is obvious that with the new display design, there is no more room left in the front to add a fingerprint sensor, so they switched over to the back. Which we think, is the best position ever. It is the place where naturally our fingers rest. Good Job One plus!

So these were the top new features on the One plus 5T. If we forgot to mention any important one, do let us know in the comment section below.

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