The trend of taking selfies at some challenging moments once again turned disastrous when three young men tried taking a Selfie and a running train had killed them. This Incident took place in Bidadi, which is around 30 km from Bangalore. This trio of students seems to be from a reputed college from Bangalore.These three young men have visited “Wonderla” an amusement park in Bangalore just before the Incident took place.

According to the railway police, the students came on a motorcycle to the place and are trying to click selfies standing in front of a moving train. They seem to be dead instantly after the train had run over them.

“Three college students were crushed by a train while they were busy taking a selfie on the railway track.  We were investigating the matter as to how they ignored the fast approaching train behind them”, One of the police officials said.

The train is so fast that the bodies became very difficult to recognise after the accident, some police officials added. They also estimated that they have died around 9:30 and 10 AM.

This is the second case in weeks related to selfies from Bangalore. The first incident took place in Ramanagram district of Bangalore. A group of students were taking a selfie while one of them is drowning in the lake.

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