Ravindra Jadeja will not take the field for the 3rd test match to be held at Palikele. He has been suspended for breaching the ICC code of conduct. Jadeja portrayed his all-around skill in the previous test match earning him the Man Of The Match. Nevertheless, this achievement has been overshadowed by the suspension and 50% of the match fee. Although India is the stronger side, this will serve them as a blow. Jadeja has accumulated 6 demerit points in past 2 years.


The incident occurred when Jadeja launched the ball back at the opening batsman in reply to a forward-defensive stroke. This has been noted by the match officials as there is no reasonable motive behind his actions. The batsman was within his crease ruling out the possibility of a run-out. Clearly, from the video it is visible that it just missed the batsman and even took the keeper by surprise. Also, had the ball hit the batsman, there is a high possibility that he might have been injured. The video will definitely shine more light into the event. Take a look.

Watch the video here:

Although this provides a youngster with a chance, fans have expressed their disappointment over ICC’s decision. People have pointed out that the Australians have done worse comparatively and have been left free. Are the officials biased with their decisions? We certainly think that Jadeja had no intention of physically hurting his opponent. What do you think?

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