We see many news about kids going missing and misshapes happening with them. As they are weak and vulnerable they became an easy target to many.  However, media reports say that around 180 kids go missing each day in India. These kids are kidnapped by human Traffickers. As adults and elders, we have the responsibility to keep them secure at their places.

In a recent incident, a 11-year-old girl from Ghaziabad was walking around at her apartment complex gate, when she was approached by a 35 years old man, who asked her to come along giving the reason that her father was met with an accident.

 The girl had her arrangements with her parents for similar situations which was unknown to the man. This girl asked the kidnapper for the code word. Yes, the girl was taught a code word, so that she could be safe from kidnappers. When the man failed to say the code word, the girl started screaming and the kidnappers flied away.

This is a very simple trick. This can keep your kids from going with random persons who come up with many reasons. Teaching them tricks like this, we can keep them safe to an extent.

So, do you have any more tricks that were worth sharing. Share them with us.


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