A large number of boys were seen hanging on dangerously to the local train and raised machetes, long knives and sickles unsafely.

Their sharp weapons shriek against the platforms of the railway station announced their arrival before they made. A number of boys were hanging on unsafely to the local train and raised metallic rods and long knives dangerously before shouting ‘Pachayappa’ (a prominent college in Chennai).

A student named Bharathiraja uploaded two videos on Facebook on Monday around 4 pm and whose scenes led to waves of concern on social media.

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A total of three videos were uploaded and all of them were equally worrisome as the young boys put themselves along with the public who were standing on the station and also on the roads in danger.

Also, the student was seen standing on the top of government buses and bursting firecrackers on the railway platform.

The student who uploaded the video also said that he was the student of the college and the uploaded post had got many comments from the other students of the college who applauded the ‘brave feat’.

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When the railway police were contacted by the TNM, the Public Relations Officer M. Boopathy stated that though the videos were quite alarming that wasn’t enough to file a case. He also said, “The videos could have been taken even a year back and may have been circulated now. We don’t know which station it is or if those students even really belong to Pachayappa’s college.”

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The railway’s police assured that action will be taken once these factors are fully established. The Superintendent of Government Railway Police in Chennai, Georgy George told TNM, “If it is a new video, we will have to increase patrolling in these areas especially in the morning and evening when students movement is there. Police forces are limited, what we do is try to maximise resource utilization. In general, at night, the possibility of offenses is higher, we try to match maximum during night time. Whenever there is the increase in a crowd, we try to put more people on duty. So, if students are traveling like this on the trains, then it becomes a priority area for us, so we divert more people in that area.”

The violent behavior and practice of vandalizing the public property of the students do not create a good image for the college. When a college representative was contacted by the TNM, e claimed that firstly they need to identify the students who are seen in the video. He also said that if they find that they are their college students, then the severe punishment will be given to them.

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