It is believed that if you have not completed your studies, you can never succeed in life. But today we are going to talk about a boy, who failed in his 8th grade and became the owner of a company. Trishneet Arora, who lives in Mumbai, was never into studying, which made his whole family worry about him.


Although his interest became his success and today he has become a Cyber ​​Security Expert at the age of 23. His Inspirational Story was shared on ‘Humans of Bombay’s Facebook page. In which he has described his experience of how he achieved his goal.

His love for Computers

Trishneet Arora told that he was interested in computers since childhood. Most of the time he used to play video games. As he used to sit in front of computer for very long, his father due to tension changed the computer password every day. But Trishneet everyday somehow managed to crack the password. Seeing this, his father was impressed and understood his love towards computers, as a result, he bought him a new computer. Soon a time came which changed his whole life.

Work on Projects

One day, the school Principal of Trishneet called his parents to school and said that their child has failed in 8th grade. After which his parents were asked what they wanted to do. The moment made him and his family very sad. After which, he decided that he will make a career in computers and then he left his school.

After leaving school, he started learning computers in deep. At the age of 19, he had learned computer fixing and software cleaning. After which he started working on small projects.

First check

According to the media report, he got his first check of 60 thousand rupees. After which he thought of saving money and to start his own company. Today, whose name is TAC security solution. Which is a cyber security company. Let me tell you, after 8th failure, he did his 10th and 12th  from open schooling and completed his BCA.

Trishneet has so far conducted training sessions for CBI, Punjab State and Crime Branch, as well as from Reliance to government offices are in his client’s list. His dream is to open a billion dollar cyber security company one day. Arora gives all the credits to his father. Trishneet has written books like “Hacking Talk with Trishneet Arora”, “The Hacking Era” and “Hacking with Smart Phones” till now. To let you know, his 4 offices are in India and 1 in Dubai too. Not only this, he is also the IT Advisor of Punjab State.

At last we just want to say that “Just write your own future and never wait for the luck to come“. Wish you all the best from BackBenchers Team


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