The Telugu film industry had a shocking start ahead of their weekend. The SIT(Special Investigation Team) team issued notices to high-level individuals in the film industry. The nation is pitying the state of drug abuse in Telangana, especially in and around educational environments. The latest crackdown on such drug rackets has lead to the involvement of influential individuals in the Telugu film industry. Tollywood was startled when the names were released on Friday. Among the names, against whom notices were issued, are superstar Ravi Teja, renowned director Puri Jagannath and actress Charmi Kaur. The celebrities are required to appear and provide a statement and co-operate with the investigation held by the Excise Department and the SIT.


The notices issued were based on the investigations and the conversations with the 12 individuals already arrested regarding the drug racket case. These individuals possessed personal contact details of Telugu actors, directors and also art directors. The alleged mastermind Calvin Mascarenhas was duly investigated and contact details were found on his phone as well. The accused is found guilty of peddling drugs such as LSD, MDMA and other class A drugs to young students. Some actors who were issued a notice such as Navdeep and Subburaju have come out and stated that they do not abuse drugs and do not endorse them. Actors Ravi Teja and Charmi Kaur, too have denied any involvement. Even though Ravi Teja has maintained a clean history, his brother was known to be an abuser of drugs who had just passed away recently.


The Telugu film industry has responded with a public statement stating that it will co-operate completely with the investigation. They also stated that the industry maintains zero tolerance apart from few individuals. It is very disheartening to see individuals who are looked up-to, being involved in such cases.

The youth considers some of them as role models, and their involvement in drugs cannot be accepted.

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