I understand the fascination that comes with seeing a gorgeous car that speeds on the road. I am one of those who takes the time out to gawk at a particularly well-maintained Bugatti, Ferrari or Lamborghini. As our roads are not particularly meant for them to speed on, they are a very rare sight.

But I don’t understand the obsession of people chasing those cars till the end or in fact, their inexplicable need to surpass them as if it is a race. Something similar happened yesterday night at the Noida- Greater Noida Express Highway.

Watch the video here:

Swift Dzire driver tried to outrun a white Lamborghini, toppling over a Maruti Eco and killing an innocent man. In the video, you can clearly see that Dzire abruptly changed lanes and the Lamborghini which was driving close to Swift, tried to save itself from the hit, but ended up knocking Maruti Eco van off.

The van toppled several times and the driver of the van, who was carrying saplings from Noida to Delhi was killed in the collision. The Dzire sped away and the Lamborghini was unscathed. Dzire driver has been caught and the police is still tracing the Lamborghini driver.

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