A few days back, South superstar Mohanlal has given a visit to Edappally in Kochi where both his fans and media persons got shocked to see his amazing transformation. Mohanlal has gone through a heavy physical variation to prepare for his role in the upcoming movie. He is a huge personality that he enjoys a phenomenal fan following down in the south. The fans are crazy for him and also consider him more than a human (GOD). The actor also respects the feelings of his fans and he always tries to put more efforts to satisfy his fans.

A few latest pictures of Mohanlal has surfaced on social media revealing the actor’s physical transformation. He has reportedly lost about 18 kgs after being on a strict weight loss regime for about 51 days. He achieved his fitness goal with the help of a team of fitness experts comprising masseurs, yoga masters and dermatologists from France. His workout routine also included high-intensity exercises.

“This is a beginning of my journey to Bhima of Randamoozham. Bhima is strong, not fat. We have to present him as strong, in gait, gaze and body. I need more preparations after Odiyan. I am preparing my body for that.”

Mohanlal had to shed weight to play the younger version of Odiyan Manickyan in the film, which is being produced on a lavish budget.

On Facebook, a fan wrote: “I never knew that Pranav has a younger brother too. This year’s youth icon award is confirmed. Height of Awesomeness!!!”

Another fan wrote: “We love him better with his moustache and beard but hey, Lalettan is a vikaaram (an emotion). It’s not the look that matters.”

A few days ago, Mohanlal had unveiled his character Manickan in the much-awaited film Odiyan. The actor’s new look as Manickan had broken the internet. If anyone doubted whether the new look was photoshopped, then those doubts can be obliterated now. Mohanlal looked fit in a t-shirt and shades and this new look is totally winning the internet.

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