Every four years, all the nations go crazy over a game, Yes  I am talking about the FIFA World Cup craze that takes over our country every four years. Not to forget the numerous zealous fans who are die-hard supporters of different European clubs.But when it comes to the home land all we have is a cup of criticism.

well , not to mention that we Indians are hard core or you call it die hard fans of Cricket. From generations and generations our love towards the Cricket is increasing. Not only we love cricketers from India , we love cricketers from other countries. Cricket is not a game for us. Cricket is  an emotion. But we do also dream to see India playing Football and we cheering to the country.

Indian football team

Sunil Chhetri, the Indian football team captain recently used his twitter to address some sensitive issues on Indian Football. He wanted everyone of us to hear him for the sake of the country’s football.  Here is what he shared,

This video has moved many of the viewers which included the captain of Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli. He took Sunil’s back and requested everyone to watch the video .  Here is what is posted,

Soon twitterati have also shared their opinion and some supported Virat for his gesture. Some felt guilt and some felt happy.

Did Chhetri Motivated you to pay attention to Football ?

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