It’s a pretty high time when the directorial team of a show who is wholly accountable for the content to know where to draw the line.  A brand new soap opera is portraying a boy of nine initially in pursuit of a nineteen- year- old girl and finally marrying her.

The television fraternity has raised their voice against this issue. Inspite of the ongoing hullaballoo, the serial- makers are the least concerned.

The boy in the lead role is shown as the bride-groom of the prospective bride of nineteen. This all is not only ridiculous but also immoral as well as quite demeaning.


Renowned actor, Karan Wahi voiced his opinion against the soap. He joined the bandwagon by thoroughly criticizing the content and it’s being cheap and immoral.  He further said that apart from gathering TRP s the show makers should be honest as it is directly dealing with the public.

What a poor effect it would have on young impressionable minds and what is its target audience. Merely hiding behind the veil of empowering the fairer sex as said by the female protagonist is just not enough.

Witness the disgraceful scene between the lead pair when the scene of ‘suhag raat’ is being telecasted which is utterly offensive and impossible to accept.


Another popular Tollywood actor, Gaurav Gera while playing with words aptly remarked that only sensible stuff should be served on the platter of viewers which if dealing with sensitive issues should carefully scrutinize their stuff.

One should know that audience is the king and can react in all possible manners.

Right away, it can be easily said that this serial is resorting to cheapness as well as a flimsy depiction of rural  Indian culture.

The so called moral police deserve a calling if it is shown that they are attracted towards each other.

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