Sri Sri Ravishankar has announced to open over 1000 retail stores across the country. He has promised that his foundation, Art Of Living and himself are completely behind these products. The selling point of these consumer goods are similar to Patanjali. They are being sold as ayurvedic and herbal in nature. Patanjali took everyone by surprise when it had taken a huge piece of the market. Sri Sri Ravishankar would be hoping to attain a similar market share in a year or two as the market has responded well to such products.

This company has existed since 2003 and has ever since produced consumer goods. It has decided to include food and domestic products prior to this expansion. These products will be available at stores by the name Sri Sri Tattva. These stores will be beside the Patanjali stores to exploit maximum consumer coverage. The stores are going  to be functional and running by the end of November. Sri Sri Ravishankar has also mentioned the possibility of opening clinics and health-care centers. Certain emulation of the Patanjali ambassador and his business model is seen in Sri Sri Ravishankar. Tej Kapadia, the chief executive of the Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust has come forth and stated that the brand has realized the rising demand of ayurvedic products and that people have accepted these ancient products in their daily lives.

The brand believes that it will have a far reaching effect than its competitors as it can use their health centers. These clinics will endorse natural and ayurvedic means to treat a problem. It has also promised that it will not use Sri Sri Ravaishankar as an ambassador as Baba Ramdev. There is no doubt that Patanjali has established itself has a major player in the FMCG section. They have already hit the 10,000 crore mark. The extent of Sri Sri Tattva can only be a matter of speculation. The rise of such products is seen as a positive effect of Narendra Modi’s Make in India. Nevertheless, numerous reports regarding use of chemicals in Patanjali products has been noted by the consumers. Only time will tell whether Sri Sri Ravishankar’s venture will be equally successful.

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