It is mostly observed that the people who are responsible for taking care of law and order are sometimes ones’ who candidly break the rules. One of the town’s politicians has given a splendid hard hit for such people like policemen or especially the traffic policemen who break the rules openly.

Mr. Amjed Ullah Khan, a politician from Hyderabad and founder of (MBT) Majlis Bachao Tehreek has started a campaign #Practice what you preach for the cops in the city. The main focus of this campaign is to target those policemen who ride the bike without helmet or talking on mobile while riding. The question also arises, who will either fine or punish them for disobey of traffic rules?

Mr. Amjed has posted more than 300 odd clicks on social media in last few days of violating the traffic rules by cops and there is a tremendous response of citizens by tagging and trolling the same.

These are some of the tweets:

The main concern behind this campaign is that the traffic policemen are targeting at an average 100 challans per day. The amount from college students they are recovering is min INR 2000/- which is equal to their one month’s pocket money. Also, how to control the new rule which was implemented from 1st August, that, if a rider will be charged 12 times fine then his/her license will be barred. To portray the protest, he also suggested displaying the large banners carrying pictures of policemen who are breaking the rules in the key areas of town.

When he asked to sum up by a question that the same rule should be implemented on such cops, he concluded by saying “A democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people, and police officers are not exempt from this. We have just started the campaign, but we are planning to do much more. If you are working for my safety on the roads, you should lead by example”.

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