The first song from Omar Lalu’s ‘Oru Adaar Love’ has become viral on Youtube within few hours of its initial release. Social media was flooded with comments and messages appreciating the music and the performance of debut actors featured in the video. The track is trending on YouTube at number 1 position garnering more than 1 Million views and 50,000+ likes in just 20 hours. Upcoming Actress Named Priya Varrier’s news and video has gone viral on Social Media and it is trending all over.

Within a day of the release of the song, cinematic images of cinematic scenes and cinematography are being circulated in cinematic groups, Facebook and WhatsApp. Omar Lulu, the director of the movie, tells the story of becoming a minor character in the junior artistes who later became a heroine in the film. Called for a short character. She played a small scene with Roshan, a child. It looked very interesting on the screen. Including the following song. Priya’s screenplay seems better. The lady who was stuck in the same way seemed to do a lot while auditing.

This part of the song went viral first followed by the song:

The song titled Manikya Malaraya Poovi was out online recently, and it literally broke the internet, and netizens were soon seen going gaga over it. Just like the musically rich song, its video will also capture the hearts of music lovers through its freshness and warmth, and it is all about High-school crush. The lines are penned by PMA Jabbar, and it is very beautifully sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan. While the original composition comes from Thalassery K Refeeque, it has been revisited by Shaan Rahman. Also, the video has become viral on Facebook with a lot of memes and videos being released. The music has crossed state borders and has been accepted by audience all over India.

Watch the full song here:

Oru Adar Love is expected to hit the theatres by end of April.

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