You don’t need a lot of wordings to describe a horror story. We have framed incredible horror stories with just a few sentences which will send chills down your spine.

Here are a few short horror stories to read:

  • I’m sure my old house was haunted. My roommates and I heard voices, shared the same nightmare, saw figures and shadows when no one else was home and even woke up with scratches in weird places.


  • I think my house is haunted. Not Kidding. I hear footsteps when no is upstairs and I woke up to something pushing my shoulder hard.


  • I was just sitting in my room home alone, and I have nothing on but my small fan, and I heard someone say “Mommy”.. I don’t’ have a child…


  • I saw a ghost once. My husband did too. Sometimes the cats avoid that spot and I wonder if she’s watching me.


  • When I was ten I didn’t believe in ghosts. One day when my sister and I were home alone, I saw a pale lady dressed in 1800s nightgown go through a wall. I’ve been a believer ever since.


  • When I was younger I used to see a man’s face appear in windows quite often, it was always the same man, never the same window.


  • I think the ghost of my ex-girlfriend watches me. I hear her voice when I’m by myself, she died 5 years ago.


  • I saw a ghost at work two nights ago. My coworker was standing right beside me but she didn’t see it. I’ve never been so freaked out in my life.


  • There was a picture of me sleeping. I live alone.


  • My daughter learned to count.


I and my wife picked our daughter from our common friend Sally’s birthday party, brought her home and put her to sleep. The next day morning she whispered, “Guess how old I’m going to be next month?”

“I don’t know, beauty,” I said.
“How old?” I further asked.

She smiled and held up four fingers.

My wife and I have been with her for almost 8 hours. She still refuses to tell us where she got them. I try to put her back on the bed and she tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.”

I look underneath for her amusement and see her, another her, under the bed staring back at me whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”


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Good night! Enjoy sleeping with the lights on!

These stories are taken from various platforms and Ghost Horror Confessions & Stories.

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