Most recently we came across a picture of 31 years old Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan along with his toddler and two other girls. The speculations regarding the identities of the girls filled the internet with gasps.

The two girls were none other than his wife, Ayesha Mukherjee’s two daughters from previous marriage.

Shikhar Dhawan fathered a child with Ayesha in 2014 named Zoravar Dhawan. Mrs. Dhawan had Rhea and Aliyah, aged 12 and 8 years respectively from the previous marriage.

The man of hearts has accepted the two daughters as his own. Even though Ayesha based from Melbourne is elder to Shikhar, it didn’t stop the two from tying the sacred knot.

Shikhar Dhawan is one among the gems who has fleeted to great heights after appearing in IPL. He has marked his success at the very beginning by being the fastest century scorer as a debutant.

One among the finest players with one of the kindest heart. His lady love and he met through facebook before stepping into a relationship. The gutsy boy was never taken aback by the societal norms.

Being a family man, he often helps his children and wife with chores. Also, believes in playing different sports than cricket with his family. Ayesha is an Anglo Indian yet is more desi than he ever could be. They compliment each other. Mrs. Dhawan is said to be a good cook and support system to him. She is often seen cheering him on the field and he is often heard pampering her off the field.

Mr. Dhawan reigns over the hearts of his daughters and is a proud father. The man who gets carried away in matches is actually the humble man.

The love that combines the two is beautiful and strong. Perhaps the children are blessed with a father like Shikhar on their side.

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