Sehwag is one of the best openers we ever had. He is one of the best champions that India has ever seen. He has given his best every time, be it the field or be it the commentary box of be it social media. He is always active and humorous enough to convey a proper message in the funniest way. He takes social media as a platform to express his views and opinions. He always has something to say.

Director General Seshs Paul Vaid tweeted on November 30 about the elimination of 200 terrorists from India. Official state figures say that around 200 terrorists have been killed since January 1 this year during Counter-Insurgency Operations. This is the highest number than that of the year 2010.

Sehwag seems to be happy about this news and tweeted something about this on Twitter.

His tweeted impressed his fans and followers and they shared their opinions like this in twitter:

Well, killing 200 terrorists is really an appreciable job done by our country. Kudos.

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