In the process of restricting the breath, the decision of victory was on the final ball. India needed five runs on the last ball to win, and Karthik hit six and Indian sports enthusiasts started celebrating.

In this T20 final, India got the target of 167 runs to win from Bangladesh.

Kartik gave India a 2-0 lead in eight balls and with the help of two fours and three sixes.

Dinesh Karthik is now on the list of Javed Miandad, McLaren, Nathan McCullum, Lance Klusener and Shivnarayan Chandrapal, who have won their team in international matches with a six off the last ball.

When the whole world was concentrating towards the last ball , then Rohit Sharma was in the dressing room, but something was going on in his mind and he was busy making the same strategy.

India won the trophy with the success of Kartik

After the match, Rohit said at the press conference that he could not see the last ball.

Rohit Sharma said, “As far as the final ball is concerned, I went to prepare for the super over, I went to bind the pad, and I thought that if it goes a boundary, then there is a chance of being a super over. So i didn’t see the last ball. But the way the dressing room celebrated, I came to know that Dinesh Karthik has hit six and we have won. ”

Rohit said that he knew that in the last over, even if he has 12-15 runs, its pressure is also very high on the big bowlers. He said, “We knew that an experienced batsman is the second batsman (Vijay Shankar) to have a long shot, but Shankar wasn’t able to play like that today and I think Shankar has now learned from today’s match that how to bat in such matches, we were quite positive against the kind of shots Dinesh Karthik played. ”

When the 18th over of the match was over, what was the atmosphere in the dressing room, Rohit said, “My mind was paused, whatever was going on, it was going on between Dinesh Karthik and Vijay Shankar. I was sitting in. But we were quite positive. ”

Rohit also defended Dinesh Karthik’s decision to send him to bat at number seven. Rohit said, “In view of his ability and experience of match-finishing, we saved him for later and the decision proved to be correct. I have always believed on our batsmen and after stopping them (Bangladesh) on low scores we won, we were confident about it. “

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