Ambani Mukesh Ambani, the business mogul has been popular lately for his jaw dropping Jio plans for the nation. The family lives in the most luxurious way and naturally attracts media attention.

The media can publish unverified facts and mislead rumours. The fake stories that have been surrounding lately around the tycoon is that related with Nita Ambani’s phone.

Nita is the chairperson and notable founder of Reliance Foundation. She is also a non-exclusive reporter in Reliance industries. Furthermore, despite being a rich tycoon’s wife doesn’t stop her from making her own accomplishments.

Consequently, the Metropolitan Museum in New York honoured her for her work in philanthropy, education and promoting the arts. Currently, she is the first Indian woman to be a part of International Olympic Committee as a member.

Clearing out the rumours, Anuja Sharma, the General Manager of Reliance Jio, informed the media that the reports made were false.

The rumours stated that Nita is a gadget lover. Her interest in gadgets made it to the latest trending topic on the internet.  The price of the phone spell bounded the people.

Nita was said to own a Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. It was said to be unlike her other family members. The Ambani’s usually prefer Blackberry over other phone products as suggested by earlier reports.

The phone was said to cost around $48.5 million, or approximately Rs.315 crore. An insane price for a phone.

Perhaps the misleading news made the people over internet bogus. The amount could probably be enough to eradicate a certain amount of poverty. Trash comments regarding the luxurious choices circled.

Finally, the truth is out, and it’s a while since the reports made its way into social media. Misleading the readers without any verified facts.

It is an unfortunate rumour, yet we are glad to know the rumours were false. We couldn’t fathom lakhs worth phone and crores reached a new range of lunacy.

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