In the 40th AGM of Reliance Industries Limited, with the announcement of JioPhone, the whole nation is abrupt. The chairman, Mr Mukesh Ambani has made his motive clear to digitally empower the people of India. The Jio mobile has changed the dimension of current market. The greatest among all the facts announced in the meeting is that it is a free 4g Jio phone. Here is more reasons why this feature phone isn’t the basic as we think.

The 4g Jio new model, comes with eye popping tariffs and unbelievable prices.The existing market offers unlimited 2G at Rs. 4000.The head turning offer is that this free 4G mobile will have digital freedom with unlimited data. And also

Offering free voice calls to the JioPhone users.
The Jio dhan dhana dhan pack cost only Rs. 153 per month. It includes unlimited data, voice calls and use of Jio apps.

The  Reliance 4G mobile will also consist JioPhone Tv-cable. The cable will work not only for smart televisions but also for the old versions to provide village area with facilities they deserve. All of this will cost Rs.309 only.Considering the economic condition of India, ,jio 4g phone will be launched along with two sachets. A weekly plan of Rs. 54 and two day pack of Rs.24 providing similar benefits to the user.

Reliance has become the fastest growing company with 125 million customer at it’s base.

The Jio mobile comes with voice command option. The feature phone includes

1) Alpha numeric keypad

2) 2.4 inch QVGA display

3) FM radio

4) Torch light

5) Headphone jack

6) SD card slot

7) Battery with charger

8) Four way navigation system

9) Phone contact book

10) Call history facility

11) Jio apps

12) Microphone and speaker

13) Inbuilt Ringtones

The free 4g Jio phone VoLTE  is basically provided at Rs. 0. Yet keeping in mind potential misuse by endless user, the company will collect one time deposit of Rs.1500.The deposited amount will be completely refunded after 3 years. The users can use this 4g jio new model for about 36 months and get their money back intact.

The reliance Jio phone is introducing digital payment through NFC technology.

The advanced NFC Support will just make payments with a simple tap.  Linking your bank , Jan Dhan account, UPI account or Debit/Credit card this can be activated. The feature will be automatically upgraded the software program.We can’t wait to experience 4G on a feature phone with promising application. The life saving phone also has an option to send distressed message to ensure safety of every citizen. It sends accurate geographical location and can be handy in times of emergency.

Mukesh Ambani wants to curb the use of 2G feature phone among 78 crore people. The Jio mobile will be digitally smart and among the most used mobile phones in upcoming India.  Mukesh Ambani said that “Reliance democratised the equity culture in the past. Now, Jio will democratize the digital culture in India. Digital Life will no longer be the privilege of the affluent few.”

JioPhone to be most intelligent, affordable phone in the world — a 4G LTE phone supporting all 24 Indian languages.The Jio 4g phone will be available on August 15th for friendly trial and Pre booking starts from 24th August. It can be done through App or visiting the reliance stores.

The reliance jio phone has renewed ways we look at digital life. Every corner of the nation can access to such technology.

We sure are excited about the feature phone by Jio.  Truly, Jio dhan dhana dhan.

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