Cricketers, cinema stars or politicians, all most everyone are active in all social media sites. Replying to fans, solving problems and issues or responding issues or something else. They all are coming so close to their fans and friends through internet. Recently cricketer Ravindra Jadeja shared a video of an umpire dancing for a medley song in the internet.

Usually we all have a serious picture of an umpire as the master of the match. His decisions can influence any match. He can turn a match upside down. He is that powerful. His job is more difficult than the job of a referee because the former has to take even more tricky decisions like that in a LBW.  Well, Billy Bowden seems to be so exceptional as he made a course of funny moments and gestures. He proved that umpires can only be serious but also super funny at times.

But now another umpire has been caught making during the match. This umpire is seen dancing to hit songs like ‘main hun don’ and ‘’Chin Tata’ with so much ease and grace, in the video shared by Ravindra Jadeja.

Netizens have just loved him like anything and you can see that here in the comments for the post:

This video has made everyone laugh until their stomach hurts. And some of the followers have mentioned that the umpire was famously known as ‘Gotya Umpire’. Whatever, this man is super cool and super funny. He seems to be so energetic and is a good entertainer too.

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