Very few find the courage to leave behind a secure and stable life in pursuit of their passion. Munaf Kapadia quit his well-paying job at the multinational giant Google to sell samosas. His conviction and hard work paid off and, today, his company has a yearly turnover of Rs 50 lakh.

There’s a different charisma attached to authenticity the aroma, texture, influence of flavors, and the sheer indulgence in cuisines that come straight from a culture defining an epoch.

As indispensable as it can get, Indians loves the variety in their food, which is why we have an array of restaurants and food joints offering a variety of cuisines. However, these food items are often a chasm far from their authentic type, but not this one.  The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai is the face of Bohri food, run by Munaf Kapadia and his mom.

For most IT professionals, landing a job at Google is a dream. Not only does it have a brand value, but it also assures the employee of a good salary and stability. However, Munaf left his job at Google to sell samosas and is now the proud owner of The Bohri Kitchen (TBK) in Mumbai.


The Bohri Kitchen with only two years of business has managed to become one of the most talked about eateries in Mumbai. The Kitchen operates twice in a week on every Saturdays and Sundays. An ideal meal here starts with an assortment of starters, many options for the main course, desserts, condiments, and beverages. A visit here will fetch you a 7-course meal. Munaf Kapadia has been featured in the Forbes Under 30 list and dedicates his success solely to his mother and her cooking skills. The Bohri kitchen boasts of clients such as Ashutosh Gowariker, Farah Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Huma Qureshi. This is not your run-of-the-mill restaurant but a class apart.

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