A pregnant woman had a close encounter with death. She climbed the hill from the base all just for a selfie. After climbing the Sinhagad fort, 8-months-old pregnant Pranita Ingle was taking pictures on Tanaji Malusare cliff when she slipped to fall 150 feet down. The 28-year-old woman miraculously survived to tell the tale of her nightmarish experience. After plunging down 150 feet, she was saved by thick shrubs at the bottom which acted as cushion for her fall.
After the fall, the pregnant woman managed to walk away with minor bruises after passerby people rescued within half an hour. A visibly shaken Pranita was rushed to the hospital for a check up and good news awaited her husband when doctors apprised him that both the woman and her unborn child were safe. Pranita’s husband Lahu Ingle, who works as a tour operator, told that while returning from a trip to Goa the pair decided to stop over in Pune to meet her brother Suresh.
They went to Tanaji Malusare cliff at around 6 pm and Pranita crossed a railing to take some selfies and that’s when she slipped. She was rescued by one Amol Padher along with two of his colleague when they heard her cries for help.

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