When Saaho news broke out to the public there were lot of talks going on about the lead on-screen character who will star opposite Prabhas. There were rumours that Anushka Shetty would be cast opposite to him yet it appears, the producers’ decision was another person. After a long hold up, it was at long last reported that Shraddha Kapoor is picked as the lead performing artist inverse Prabhas.

Indeed, even Pooja Hegde and Katrina Kaif were being considered for this part, however finally, Shraddha Kapoor figured out how to sack the same. Producers may have picked her because of the gigantic fan following that she appreciates in B-Town.

In the beginning, Shraddha denied the offer because she felt the pay was less. There are reports that mention Shraddha asked around 12 crores for the role since Saaho would be shot in 3 different dialects i.e. Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. As a rule, Shraddha’s charges per motion picture is Rs 4 crores, yet she requested such a gigantic sum from Saaho considering the 3 dialects. Nonetheless, creators didn’t consent to pay her 12 crores, which is the reason things hadn’t worked out that time.


Since Shraddha has been restricted in for “Saaho”, fans are interested to know the sum she will be getting. By and by, there are gossipy tidbits that Shraddha has acknowledged a compensation slice and has consented to take a measure of Rs 9 crores. Indeed, it’s way significantly higher than her real expenses (Rs 4 crores).

After Shraddha, everybody was interested to know the amount Prabhas is being paid. In the event that reports are to be trusted, Prabhas would be getting an astounding entirety of Rs 30 crores, would you be able to trust it?

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