So naturally, they take great care to ensure that their main user base is doing well. After all, happy men and women will watch more porn. And be happier. And then watch more porn. Pornhub is a name which needs no introduction. It is known for entertaining young men and women. But this time they have come up with something which you would never have expected.

So naturally, they’ve decided to do their audience a big favour and hand out 25,000$ to a particularly talented young individual. And a talent you might not expect them to celebrate. They are asking for video submissions where you explain how you will contribute to the world’s better future. They also expect a 1000 and above word essay displaying your leadership qualities and dedication to a better future.

To participate in the competition, you need to fulfill following Eligibility criteria:

1)You must be above 18 years of age because you are on a porn site.
2)Have a GPA higher than 3.2.
3)Are enrolled in a full-time college course.

It has not been clarified by the website that Wether foreign nationals can apply or not but it’s certainly something good for the USA where education loans are burdening the youths. It is definitely a step which must be appreciated. So get ready to show you talent and claim the winning prize.

PornHub is known around the world for entertaining young men and women.


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