Pahlaj Nihalani was relieved from the responsibilities of Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and hell broke loose. The announcement created pleasant ripples across the filmy audience of the country. When everyone just thought that peace is restored, here comes the next bomb! Pahlaj Nihalani turns into the distributor for the bold, beautiful and blessed film ‘Julie 2’! Starring Raai Lakshmi, this film is to hit the screens on October 6. Well, the sanskari ex CBFC chief did not have any problem becoming the distributor of this bold film. Yes, the same person who had problems with the word ‘intercourse’ and even kisses on the silver screen!
Even though he himself had produced many films with double meaning songs, he loved to flaunt his sanskaari side while judging other films which used to come for certification at Censor Board. It was only in August 2017 that he was sacked as the chief of censor board and now within a month he is back at his real ways. Pahlaj Nihalani has quit his sanskaari ways after being sacked from Censor Board and will be presenting the upcoming erotic film Julie 2.
“I started writing the script in 2012 and had discussed the idea with Pahlaj Ji then. He loved it. He is family and after seeing it with his wife recently, he told me ‘Yeh film ab meri hai,’ and will be presenting it”, Director Deepak Shivdasani said.

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