Ranjish is a professional photographer who resides in Manjeri, Kerala. The 32-year-old Malayali bachelor had been searching for a bride for the past 7 years.

An endless spree of searching bride through paid matrimonial sights and other means ended with a single post. He posted on 28th June and ever since his phone is filled with notification.

Ranjish has got over 200 inquiries. He has been reached out from countries like Australia and U.S. Unbelievably, a native Aussie too sent him an inquiry for marriage.

The whole idea started when Ranjish had given up finding a girl through paid matrimonial sites, relatives, and local brokers. His friend knocked him the idea of posting a Facebook post. Then again, it was another regular post-Ranjish believed yet posted because he thought the reason was genuine.

His post in Malayalam was, ”  I am a 34-year-old professional photographer and still looking for a suitable alliance. Other than parents, I have a married sister. If you know someone, please let me know.” What defied Ranjish from others is that he had no demands. He was looking for a bride and just wanted to meet .Ranjish even went into measures of not being bothered by different caste.

He further added, “Except for half-a-dozen mischievous calls, all were serious inquiries. Families called from India, Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the US.”

Ranjish claimed to have inquiries from girls of his age group. He also admits that it will be hard time differentiating the proposals from each other. He has kept in mind that language should not be a barrier as his parents are old. The eligible bachelor wants to remove the jargons of conventional relationship and will weigh pros and cons o everything.

He couldn’t find a suitable match until now due to horoscope issues as well as due to the considerable economic condition. His father is a retired government employee and his mother is a home maker.

After the post went viral it got 4,000 likes, nearly 4,000 shares and 1,000 comments.

Ranjish believes his marriage would be made on Facebook. The viral thought has now amassed attention to posts that can make a huge difference by being bold.

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