The nations of the world running in for the development have unanimously paved the way for global terrorism. We are causing widespread mayhem to meet our profit goals. The undirected destruction is causing climatic changes suffocating the earth with rising temperature and losing the lands to waters. Perhaps, many of us are unaware of the fact that global warming is real and calamities causing the same is increasing.

The scrutiny of our undeniable actions has made us terrorists. We have been terrorizing the very nature and it’s being. The loss and damages of climatic changes are alerting us well and waking one to the same is essential. The demeaning factor has made water-insoluble to a point where it’s unable to be used. The credential factor has led us from damaging the crops that we consume. The balance of life is broken introducing the melting glaciers in some parts and drying up of rivers in another side. Isn’t the human population terrorizing the nature by greedily drenching it with pollution? The crude instance is developed and developing countries aren’t moving to doing anything about it. The blindfold needs to be opened and dropping off curtains to reality is perhaps an emergency call.

Provisionally, we are depleting the resources and disposing of without any morality. In a country like India, we are vulnerable every day. The stats of upcoming natural disaster are heartbreaking. We are still planning on how to face the risk rather than how to reduce it. The wide range destruction is economically disastrous as well. The amount spent in recovering the affected areas is higher than what could be used in prevention.
Climate change is a serious issue and to those who don’t understand

the physics of nature, in simple words, we are holding bullets against the earth. Hypocritically we are terrorists and deny the existence of harm that we’ve caused. Taking a stand-in improving the conditions of the environment must be our resolution in the upcoming year. Controlling the pollution that we give out and letting nature breathe as we need to breathe in it too. The earth is crying and fighting against our terror. And it’s time we stop minting money. And start hunting solutions.

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